Why invest in real estate in Brazil through Patrimóvel?

The Company

With 35 years of activity in the Rio de Janeiro market, of which 15 years under the management of Rubem Vasconcelos, Patrimóvel has a solid relationship with the main property developers and building firms in the country, which are always served with excellence by a sales team consisting of 700 freelance brokers, divided into 6 Directorship and 36 Managements, as well as 2 online teams.

Patrimóvel sparked off a revolution within the real estate sector with the introduction of the telemarketing system, bringing it to the daily activities of the brokers, a practice which is now copied by most real estate agencies throughout the country. Having received the award of Real Estate Agency of the Year by the Association of Managers of Real Estate Companies of Rio de Janeiro (Ademi-RJ) on nine consecutive occasions, the Company may boast the fact that its track record has shone with absolute records of sales of whole buildings in the space of a few hours.

In recent years, Patrimóvel became a successful business, breaking successive records of growth and also of speed of sale, which has earned the company a nomination for inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records 2007 for the commercialisation of more than 1,100 properties in the Pan-American Village in just one day. With a market share of 65%, Patrimóvel has sold properties with a total worth of almost 2 billion in 2008, having sold about 5,000 housing units. Among this year’s sales success stories, we could mention the sale of almost 80% of the 992 housing units of the Estrelas Condominium in the weekend when the product was launched, and 190 of the 270 plots of land at Alphaville, also in the first weekend of sales. In the first three months of 2009, the company sold a total volume of R$ 225 million, resulting from the sales of 6 property developments, 2 of which were fully sold at launch.

The target set by Patrimovel for 2009 is to dedicate itself to the realignment of the relationships with property developers and building firms, and also to invest R$ 5 million in the company’s second-hand property division. The plan here is to step up the participation of this segment in the company’s total turnover, from 7% to 20%.

The International Market

Brazil stands out on the world scene for its political stability and economic growth and, despite the world crisis, has been the target of much interest from foreign investors. Thanks to its climate, friendly people and outstanding natural beauty, among other factors, the city of Rio de Janeiro has always been a city with a strong tourism vocation. Nowadays, many of the tourists that visit Rio de Janeiro are interested in investing in properties in the city, and dream of the incredible scenery that many properties have to offer, either green areas or the azure sea of the South Zone neighbourhoods, Santa Teresa, Barra and others. To lead the laid-back life of the carioca is the dream of many tourists that come here for a holiday and think about acquiring a second home here.

Patrimóvel is able to offer the foreign investor all advisory services, both legal and commercial, that may be necessary for the purchase of a property. An exclusive service team, with bilingual consultants, is ready to provide the best service and also welcome the Foreigner wishing to invest in the city. Patrimóvel is the largest real estate agency in Rio de Janeiro and also the best entrance gateway for those wishing to invest with both security and guarantee.

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